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Let's introduce ourselves

mindbooster.gr is a most reliable option in the e-learning industry, aimed at executives, young professionals, and inquisitive organizations that realize that, in a changing world, their future depends on adopting not only a different business model but also a different attitude.
A team of renowned business executives and academics have joined forces in a common vision: to help the professionals of today, as well as, all inquisitive minds boost their existing skills or gain new, comprehensive ones, regardless of their current or future sector, profession, or interests.
The knowledge and long experience of our speakers provide us with solid foundations. Adapted to the demands and spirit of the times, in combination with a series of on-demand and live webinars in six (6) critical sectors, they turn learning into a rewarding experience and knowledge, a personal asset with real and practical value for the life of every participant.

The mission of mindbooster.gr is to provide us with new purpose in life, promoting continuous development through lifelong learning.